Our Charity Work – Where the Money Goes

Before you become involved in our organization, we want you to know our commitment to our cause…

Most of our work is organized by committees made up of volunteers. We don’t use any paid fundraisers and we don’t telemarket. Being true to our mission, arrive alive DRIVE SOBER® shares materials and resources with more than 350 groups, schools, public health units, businesses, and police services every year. We note that Ontario has the safest roads in Canada and North America and we are proud to have played a role in this achievement. Recent data show a constant reduction in impaired driving fatalities.

Each year we raise approximately $300,000, of which approximately $250,000 goes directly to our charitable work.

You can donate to arrive alive DRIVE SOBER® by completing this form and mailing/faxing or click on our paypal link at our home page; please note you can choose to allocate your support to a local group or to a specific organization (e.g. OSAID, TIRF etc). You can also volunteer locally by contacting our office directly.