Choose Your Ride©

Originally the Choose Your Ride© theme had been used by the London Safe Grad committee… both the idea and exact wording was well received -… in the case shared with us they had used the words on a theatre marquis sign and parked appropriate vehicles below the sign; we asked if we could use the idea – they said yes …

Here is what we have done with it since then with guidance from our Marketing Committee and in response to focus testing and other feedback.

  1. February 2005 – recorded a radio PSA with Denise Polgar, OCCID President at the time
  2. April 2005 – recorded a video PSA with Roberta Scott from Toronto EMS with support from Dave Woodford with the OPP and Murray Newbigging Funeral Home
  3. May 2005 – used images as background for arrive alive DRIVE SOBER launch at Queen’s Park
  4. March 2006 – shot a panoramic image at OPP Aurora detachment with five vehicles (tow truck, police car, taxi, ambulance, hearse); created Choose Your Ride poster in English and French
  5. April 2006 – recorded Choose Your Ride radio PSAs with OPP Chief Supt. Bill Grodzinski and OACP Traffic Committee Chair Steve Grant
  6. May 2006 – used the images as background for arrive alive DRIVE SOBER launch at Rogers Centre
  7. Fall 2005/Spring 2006 – several high schools use idea outside their schools as awareness event
  8. Summer 2006 – produced as bus-back ads – 60 in 19 communities care of Street Seen Media
  9. Winter 2006 – allowed images to be used in mailings and other print medium.
  10. Summer 2007 – set up five vehicles in Thunder Alley with support from Abrams Towing.
  11. Fall 2007 – request from Action Sudbury to use idea and photograph for a billboard locally
  12. 2008 – arranged for 60 bus backs again in 20 communities as part of celebration of 20 years of arrive alive DRIVE SOBER
  13. Spring 2009 refreshed OACP Traffic PSA version of Choose Your Ride with Earl Witty. Used Choose background at Queen’s Park for the launch of the 21st campaign and the beginning of new consequences for “warn range” occurrences
  14. December 2009 – released new video PSA with Police Chief William Blair as President of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police and sharing of Choose Your Ride with Thunder Bay Health Unit and Substance Abuse Prevention Committee
  15. 2010 – new image for Choose Your Ride posters, post cards and busbacks with supporters and sponsors – many thanks to: CAA South Central Ontario, Diamond Taxi, Ministry of Transportation, Murray Newbigging Funeral Home, Ontario Provincial Police, Ornge Transportation, The Beer Store, Toronto Emergency Measures Services, Toronto Police Services.
  16. 2012 – 50 busbacks in 20+ communities and continued use of PSA messages. We recorded a new radio PSA with Chief Don Bell from the Ontario Provincial Police.
  17. 2013 – recorded new Choose Your Ride PSA in HD in English and French with support from the Ontario Paramedic Association. Received a Copyright Agreement for Choose Your Ride from the Office of Intellectual Property of Canada and filed a request for a Trademark as well.
  18. 2015 – recorded a fresh version of Choose Your Ride with Chief Superintendent Chuck Cox of the OPP
  19. Summer 2015 – recorded summer version of Choose Your Ride with Ornge Paramedic Jonathon Britton
  20. Summer 2016 – recorded brand new TV PSA with York Regional Police

Choose Your Ride