arrive alive Toy Cars

Arrive Alive Toy Cars

Our latest awareness effort: a project created and supported by ReThink Canada: arrive alive Toy Cars. These tiny toy cars make a big statement about impaired driving.

We handed out free samples of Arrowhead Mills cereal with tiny toy car wrecks enclosed inside the box at a recent college Frosh Beer Fest at the Centennial College Ashtonbee campus and on the street at breakfast time.

arrive alive Drive Sober has raised awareness about the possibility of still being impaired “the morning after” since late 2011. Our interactions with police, colleagues, and the public brought to our attention that some drivers don’t realize they can still be legally impaired early in the morning. Sometimes it can take up to twelve hours for the effects of a night out to wear off.

We encourage you to spread the awareness by inviting us to your next college or university event!

And remember just because you slept doesn’t mean you’re sober.

Our article in adweek!

Fan of unboxing videos? We have one for our toy cars!