Arrive Alive Coasters

On St. Patrick’s Day Weekend 2017, arrive alive DRIVE SOBER & ReThink Canada partnered once again to bring the message of sober driving into a local Toronto Bar.

These coasters were a viral sensation and sparked conversations around the world and across media platforms to encourage partiers to plan ahead and get home safe.

This St. Patrick’s Day, partiers are coming face-to-face with this sobering message at The Pipes and Taps Pub. In partnership with arrive alive DRIVE SOBER, Pipes and Taps will replace their regular coasters with ones made from real car wrecks. Twice as many coasters as last year will be shared with patrons looking to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. 

 The coasters were made using a high-impact hydraulic-press to help shape the pieces of car into coasters. Then, the message was laser-etched onto the coasters: “This coaster used to be a car. That car never made it home.”

“Impaired driving remains one of the leading criminal causes of death in Canada,” says Michael Stewart, Program Director at Arrive Alive. “These coasters are made from cars that never made it home and are an excellent reminder to people, that there are consequences to driving drunk. We encourage everyone celebrating today to have a designated driver, take transit or download The Ride App for a safe ride home.”



Communication Arts Advertising Annual Award of Excellence – WIN 

Applied Arts Advertising Public Service Announcement single – WIN 

Arts and Design Council of Canada Advertising PSA – SILVER 

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