Super Bowl Pre-Party

Super Bowl Card Front

“Super Bowl Fans Don’t Let Super Bowl Fans Drink and Drive”

With the entire city buzzing over the Super Bowl this weekend and many picking up adult beverages on Saturday, arrive alive DRIVE SOBER is hosting its own #SB50 pre-parties at two The Beer Store locations. Arrive alive DRIVE SOBER’s “pre-parties” will encourage The Beer Store customers to plan a safe ride home for themselves and their guests; arrive alive DRIVE SOBER will use home-hosting kits, quizzes and giveaways to share their message. On Saturday from 10:30am until 2:30pm volunteers will interact with customers at two The Beer Store locations including the Stockyard Beer Store (2153 St. Clair Ave West) and the Leaside Village Beer Store (89 Laird Drive).

A final note from arrive alive DRIVE SOBER Executive Director Anne Leonard “Don’t get sidelined Monday morning –if you drink a lot and stay up late, you can still be over the limit the next day”.