The RIDE App

arrive alive DRIVE SOBER & The Ride App have partnered to raise awareness about the many ways you can easily plan ahead and get home safely.  

The Ride is Canada’s Get-Me-There app. Choose how you want to go …from multiple safe-ride options including taxis, buses, subways, trains to designated driver services and compare travel times and costs of your ride options anywhere in Canada …all in one app!

How The Ride works:

The Ride helps you see and book nearby taxis or connect to dispatch, compare cab and transit options, see designated driver services in any city across Canada.    

  • E-Hailing: See and book a nearby cab with one tap, get driver details and ETA updates until you are picked up in minutes with a notice when your driver arrives and you can rate your ride to make your next ride even better!. You can also pre-book a ride for a later time.
  • Connect to First Available Cab Dispatch: Get a ride anywhere. Wherever The Ride’s e-hailing service is not yet available, the app has a direct connection to over 500 fleets and 25,000 licensed drivers in Canada powered by #TAXI (#8294) . You’ll be connected to the first available dispatch and avoid busy signals at peak times. Never be stuck for a safe ride again!
  • Transit: Tap the Transit Icon and you’ll see the closest stops of every type of transit in your city, be it buses, subways, commuter trains and streetcars. You can then use The Ride’s data on routes, schedules (much of it real-time information) to easily plan your best route.
  • Taxi vs. Transit – Compare Your Choices in One Tap! Easily compare travel times and costs of transit options vs. taking a cab as you decide how you want to get there. The Ride is the first to offer a side-by-side comparison tool for all modes of transportation in your area.
  • *Fees: The Ride is free to download, and free to use during your first 30 days of use. After your first 30 days, there is no charge for using the app’s Transit service and a convenience fee of $2 for e-hailing a nearby cabs ($1 when connecting to the first available taxi dispatch). In partnership with every Canadian Wireless Carrier, fees are conveniently added to your mobile bill.

Get the App:

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