Our Story

Operating since 1989, arrive alive DRIVE SOBER® receives outstanding support from the public and media for which we are very grateful. A registered charity, we do not telemarket and do not use professional fundraisers. Our mission is to eliminate impaired driving in Ontario.


arrive alive DRIVE SOBER® in collaboration with key stakeholders and community partners, identifies, implements and supports effective initiatives to eradicate impaired driving.


arrive alive DRIVE SOBER® provides leadership and programs to eliminate impaired driving and enables people and communities to share resources and information that will prevent injuries and save lives.


  • Establish arrive alive DRIVE SOBER® as the leader of the anti-impaired driving movement.
  • Provide dynamic and innovative programs to address the anti-impaired driving movement
  • Provide a forum for people and communities to share resources and information
  • Build strategic alliances to reduce the incidence of impaired driving in Ontario and beyond
  • Create environments that support impaired driving legislation
  • Be a viable self-sustaining organization


  • Organize province-wide initiatives, including the arrive alive DRIVE SOBER® public awareness campaign
  • Co-host an annual conference or workshop.
  • Share information on legislative reform with our members.
  • Direct our concerns and ideas through one voice to political and corporate bodies.
  • Pursue the elimination of alcohol and other drug related injuries/deaths, with the focus on impaired driving.
  • Meet frequently to exchange ideas and information – New members welcome.

Want to help?

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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